Ylva Mordenkrad

Ylva Mordenkrad


The eastern shore of lake Ashane is littered with numerous Rashemi fishing villages, and Astargun would be just one of many others, if not for the wall and the lighthouse. Nobody knows for sure who built either of them, but legends speak of a fleet of Narfell ships pulling ashore one night, and a majestic fortress springing out of the ground overnight. Once the Narfellians pulled back, the Rashemi natives found shelter in the abandoned outpost. Indeed, an eye trained in the arcane can still recognize the unmistakable straight and featureless surfaces common to Wall of Stone spells, even after more than a millennium. The Rashemi however are not skilled stonemasons, and stone is all but absent in the region, so the wall has fallen into disrepair, cracked and collapsed in various places, and reinforced where needed with wood, the only building material abundantly available in the region. Still, even in this state they proved more than a match for a force of Tuigan warriors several hundred strong, Astargun holding out for more than a month under siege, until the horde left. The lighthouse is also abandoned, Rashemi fishermen having little need of it, as they seldom venture far from shore. The village is home to an Owlbear Berserker Lodge.

Notable people

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Berserker lodge leader Gwentan the Bear, the Black Hunter. Gwentan is an outlander, obvious at first sight from his pitch black skin. He travelled a long way to Rashemen, to hut the famous Hornclaw Owlbear of Ashenwood. He barely made it out of the fight with the mighty beast with his life, and, injured, managed to crawl to Astargun where he spent several months in recovery. During this time he learned more about the Rashemi way of life, and at the end he decided to stay. He is a great warrior and completely straightforward, preferring to charge into combat, crush his foes in grapple and rip them apart with his claws.

Town blacksmith Helga Mordenkrad, Ylva’s mother. The other remarkable thing about Astargun, Helga is not only a skilled blacksmith, but also a wielder of minor magic to augment her craft and capable of forging magical weapons and armor. Apart from the forge, she doesn’t shy from charging into combat alongside the Owlbear berserkers, wielding a mighty warhammer.


Ylva was born as 1st child of the town blacksmith (see above) and Wulfgar, a simple local fisherman. She has a 3 year younger brother, who is approaching his coming of age rituals and hopes to join the local berserker lodge afterward.
Ylva was taken by the witches from her family at the age of 7 (one year before the Tuigan horde ravaged Rashemen) and taken to the Old Ones, to be trained in the art of magic and Rashemi traditions. She proved to be a gifted mage, especially in the field of conjuration. Then, several years later, the dreams began. Ylva kept dreaming about great beasts, animals and telthor alike haunting her with great feelings of anguish and rage. The Old Ones in whose care young Ylva has been entrusted were puzzled by these events, but they eventually found the answers they were looking for in the words of a venerable druid: when beings of nature who claimed no god of their own, like animals and telthor were slain with great wickedness, it was not uncommon for their spirits to never find rest but forever wander the planes, bitter and resentful at their killers. While it was rare, it was not impossible for the spirit of a dreaming man to cross paths with these souls, although it took a being of extreme purity of heart to connect to one of nature’s purest creations at such a primal level. Ylva’s dreams however seemed to be more than crossing paths, as they persisted, so the druid devised a spell to address the issue: a specially prepared binding trap in the Astral Plane, that would allow the souls to enter Ylva’s dreams, but then be unable to leave beyond the borders of the trap, where hopefully prayers and rituals could be performed to put them at peace. Everyone was greatly surprised to find that the trap contained not souls, but a being of flesh and blood the likes of which had never been seen before, that called itself Leikin.
Leikin is an amalgam of wild animals and theltor slain with savagery by the wizards of thay, granted sentience by Mielikki. To quell the spirits’ rage and lust for revenge she, in her wisdom and for reasons inscrutable to mere mortals, chose to bind them to Ylva’s will, and mingle them with fragments of the girl’s personality. As such, Leikin’s manifestation on the material plane are controlled by Ylva, but without her companion she seems strangely incomplete. What Mielikki has in store for them is unknown, but the witches consider her blessed.
Ylva is currently undergoing her dajemma, hoping to be ordained a hathran upon return.

Ylva Mordenkrad

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