Thunderstone is a small settlement in eastern Cormyr. It lies along the southern bank of the Thunder River or Thunderflow on older maps at the foot of the western slopes of the Thunder Peaks. The only safe means to cross the river north into the Hullack Forest is the Stag Skull Bridge, an old stone crossing that despite its name, is not adorned or otherwise decorated with any skulls or stags. The bridge has gained some notoriety for the number of foresters and adventurers that come running out of the Hullack Forest with monsters hot on their tails. The Thunderstone garrison lets these heroes pass safely, before engaging these monsters and so virtually every Dragoon is a veteran monster slayer. In fact, two lit lanterns are placed on each side of the northern end of the bridge from dusk til dawn to let adventurers and foresters know which way to flee to safety. The phrase “between the stag’s lights” has come to refer to being “almost out of danger”.

During the summer months merchants and caravans move through Thunderstone on their way to and from the Dales swelling the town’s population to nearly thrice its usual size. Adventurers also flock to the town and use it as a base from which to launch their missions into the Thunder Peaks to the east, the Vast Swamp to the south, and the Hullack Forest to the north. All three regions are rumored to contain the ruins, treasures, and magic of lost civilizations. These include, the dwarf kingdom of Thunderholme, the unknown kingdom of Orva, and the Netherese descendant Tethgard respectively.

Thunderstone gains its name from a mysterious boulder set deep into the center of town outside the shrine to Tempus. The Thunder Stone is about 3’ in diameter and is composed of a strange rock not found for miles around and is rumored to have been magically transported to its current home when the land was nothing but wilderness. The stone itself has no known magical properties and otherwise appears to be just a strange rock. A superstition has arisen among adventuring groups that kissing the Thunder Stone before going on a mission means more treasure will be found and less comrades will die.

Thundertone boasts a 100 Dragoon garrison under the command of Oversword Faril Laheralson. He is an unruly but loyal crown “lord” but not of noble blood. He cares deeply for his men and makes sure their morale is high and constitutes the law in Thunderstone (such as it is). Faril gives lip service to the crown, respects King Azoun IV, but thinks little of the King’s representatives. One Hurm Thiodor is the offical Crown clerk, and handles all of the record keeping and other bureaucratic paperwork. He sometimes joins bands of adventurers on their missions into the nearby forest and swamp to add a little flavor to his otherwise boring life.

Thunderstone has a relatively small economy, relying mostly on the caravans and travelers passing through. They do however have a small farming, forestry, and pelt trade, offset by prospectors in the Thunder Peaks and the lucky adventurers who return from the forest and swamp with relics of lost civilizations. Animal pelts from the Thunder Peaks and the Storm Horns did very good business in Thunderstone as of 1368 DR. Also, a small group of gnome alchemists have set of up shop here, selling Acid Flasks, Tanglefoot bags, and of course, Thunderstones.

Extra info:
Imports: Worked Goods, Weapons
Exports: Animal Hides, Timber, Fish, Raw Ores, Magical Items

Alignment: LG, NG, CG, LN

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